Foundations of IT Security

Semester:2018 Winter
Format:Block Lecture
Credit Points:5 CP

Foundations lecture covering a wide range of basic security topics intended for (beginner) undergrads. Exercises cover topics introduced during the lecture from a more practical point-of-view (often involving written Python code).

Important Dates

  • 2019-02-25 09:00 - 12:00 | Introductory lecture
  • 2019-03-13 10:30 - 12:00 | First Exam (90 minutes)
  • 2019-07-29 12:00 - 14:30 | Second Exam (90 minutes)
  • 2019-08-21 14:00 - 15:00 | Second Exam Review (Room A418, Welfengarten 1)


The block lecture follows a flipped classroom concept with four different types of sessions:

  • Normal lecture: normal lecture covering certain topics (Attendance recommended)
  • Information transfer: self-study time with lecture videos and exercises
  • In-person meetings: discussions and QA for previous content
  • Independent work sessions: preparation time for the exam and/or to finish bonus assignments

Location for the meetings is generally Location 1 (Room -220) with exceptions on the 2019-03-01 (Loc. 2) and the 2019-03-06 (Loc. 3):

  1. Room -220: MZ1, Building 3408: Mehrzweckgebäude (Appelstraße 9a, Hochhaus)
  2. Room A001: Kesselhaus, Building 1208: Hofgebäude (Schloßwender Straße 7)
  3. Room F102, Building 1101: Hauptgebäude (Welfengarten 1)


Bonus points from last semester’s lecture are eligible for the first and second exam.

During the exam, you are allowed a double-sided, handwritten A4 paper and a non-programmable calculator. Additional scratch paper will be available.


02019-02-25Intro & Crypto I
12019-02-26Crypto I (cont.) & Crypto II
22019-02-27Crypto II (cont.) & Access Control
32019-02-28Authentication & Software Security
42019-03-01Software Security (cont.)
52019-03-04Network Security
62019-03-06Network Security (cont.)
82019-03-08Web Security


02019-02-25Exercise: Basics & Bonus Points
12019-02-26Exercise: Crypto & Bonus Topics
22019-02-27Exercise: Hashing & Access Control
32019-02-28Exercise: Authentication
42019-03-01Exercise: Software Security
52019-03-04Exercise: Network Security
62019-03-06Exercise: Example Exam & Certificates
72019-03-07Exercise: Web Security
82019-03-08Exercise: SQL Injection & XSS