Bootcamp - Academic Research

Semester: 2020 Summer
For: Master
Format: Lab
Credit Points: 6 CP

Bootcamp: Academic Research

Master-level lab intended as a “bootcamp” for academic research in (human-centered) IT security. Learn about research approaches, methods, and scientific writing by working on a small research project in groups. Previous attendance of our “Human-Centered Security” lecture is recommended.


Within the lab, we will address the following topics:

  • Human-Centered Security Research: Brief introduction to previous and current research in the field of human-centered security
  • Academic Writing: Learn how academic papers are structured and written
  • Presentation: Learn how to present research results
  • Research Plans: Guideline to identify interesting paper topics, designing research questions and planning experiments
  • Experiment Design: How (not) to design and run experiments such as surveys
  • Data Analysis with Python:
    • Cleaning Data: Identifying, fixing and removing inconsistencies and error sources (e.g. invalid participants)
    • Data Visualization: Using Python/Seaborn to create clear and understandable graphs


Date Session Topics
Now Setup Logistics, Communication, Tools
2020-09-21 Monday Intro, Academic Writing
2020-09-22 Tuesday Presentation, Research Plans
2020-09-23 Wednesday Experiment Design
2020-09-24 Thursday Data Cleaning, Data Visualization
2020-09-25 Friday Paper of the Week


Please note that the listed literature is just intended as additional information source and is not required for the course.

  • Book: “Usable security: history, themes, and challenges” by Simson Garfinkel and Heather Richter Lipford. ISBN-13: 978-1627055291; San Rafael, California (1537 Fourth Street, San Rafael, CA 94901 USA) : Morgan & Claypool, 2014.
  • Book: “Security and Usability: Designing Secure Systems that People Can Use” by Lorrie Faith Cranor and Simson Garfinkel. ISBN-13: 978-0596008277; O’Reilly Media; 1st Edition, 2005.