Human Centered Security Lab

Semester: 2024 Summer
For: Master
Format: Lab
Credit Points: 6 CP

In this lab, students will work in groups of up to four with PhD students and Prof. Fahl on research projects from conception to writing in the form of a scientific paper. Students will have the opportunity to participate in a scientific publication as co-authors. The lab is limited to 20 participants. Lab places will be allocated to those who meet the requirements on a first-come-first-serve basis.


The lab will consist of regular meetings during the semester. In addition to that, students will be assigned working packages that they should work on and prepare asynchronously between the lab sessions.


Teaching of methods: Systematic literature review; Scientific writing of results.

Prior knowledge from the lecture Foundations of IT Security is expected. Knowledge acquired in the courses Introduction Usable Security and Privacy, Usable Security and Privacy Lab, and Introduction to Empirical Methods of Human-Centered Computing is also recommended.


  • The lab is not graded.
  • All students are expected to work on the projects and make contributions to pass the lab.
  • Presence in meetings/sessions is mandatory for this lab.

Important Dates

Will be announced


For an overview of the general field of usable security, we recommend: