Talk: Video Game Development from the Perspective of Security Research

Philip Klostermeyer, Sabrina Amft, Alexander Krause and Sascha Fahl.
At GermanDevDays'23, Frankfurt, Germany, June 6-7, 2023
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This talk was given at the GermanDevDays'2023. We spoke about IT security in the context of video game development with the goal to provide an overview and at the same time as practical recommendations as possible. We first went into general security in video games and talked about incidents, attack vectors and consequences. Then we gave recommendations for action from the developers' point of view and from the producers' and management’s point of view. We talked about the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures system, drew lessons from recent incidents related to CVEs in games, and then talked about security policies, security knowledge among employees, the positive impact of an open corporate culture on conscious programming of secure software, and introduced the concept of threat modeling. We concluded with an outlook on research projects and possible future work.


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